Offline builds

A user can prepare for an offline build by using the fetch action:

releng-tool fetch

Package content will be downloaded into the respective dl/ or cache/ folders into the output directory. Future builds for the project should no longer need external access until these folders are removed.


There are a few exceptions where offline builds may not function as expected.

  1. If running in a development mode and a package definition defines a LIBFOO_DEVMODE_IGNORE_CACHE configuration, updated sources will be re-fetched each time.

  2. If a developer defines a package definition or a post-build script which performs fetch-like calls (e.g. if custom files are downloaded when running a libfoo-build script), releng-tool will not stop the script from performing this request. Offline builds are only possible if developers define their projects in a way where fetching-like operations only occur during a fetch-stage.