1.0 (2023-12-22)

Marking a 1.0 release!

releng-tool has had several beta releases over the last couple of years. Multiple enhancements and fixes have been applied during this period, putting this tool in what appears to be a good state. With the updates made to the documentation, now is a good time as any to flag this tool into a first stable v1.0 release.

New script and script-directory context variables

As various scripts are invoked during a releng-tool run, developers may wish to determine the path of the running script or the directory which an active script is running (whether this is a build script for a package, a post-build script, etc.).

Changes have been introduced into releng-tool so that any time a script is executed, the variables RELENG_SCRIPT and RELENG_SCRIPT_DIR will be set. This includes global contexts as well as environment variables. The variable RELENG_SCRIPT will be set to the absolute path of the running script. As for RELENG_SCRIPT_DIR, the value will be a subset of the script path, holding the absolute path of the directory holding the script.

When using script helpers such as releng_include, the values of RELENG_SCRIPT and RELENG_SCRIPT_DIR will be updated in the included context for the included script.

SPDX license database updated

The internally managed copy of the SPDX license identifiers has been updated to the most recent version (v3.22).