releng-tool also provides a series of configuration quirks to change the default running state of a releng-tool run. This can be used to help manage rare host environment scenarios where releng-tool may be experiencing issues.

Command line quirks

Quirks for a run can be enabled through the command line. releng-tool accepts --quirk <quirk-id> argument, for example:

releng-tool --quirk releng.some_quirk_id

If multiple quirks are desired, the quirk argument can be provided multiple times:

releng-tool --quirk releng.quirk1 --quirk releng.quirk2

Configuration quirks do not persist and need to be utilized each run of releng-tool.

Configuration-driven quirks

Quirks can also be enabled through configuration override scripts. This can be used in certain build scenarios where defining a script override is easier than specifying multiple command line options.

For example, if an override script releng-overrides is created, the following can be used to enable one or more quirks for a releng-tool run:

quirks = [

Available quirks

The following is a list of all available quirks supported by releng-tool: