Script package (default)

A script-based package is the most basic package type available. By default, packages are considered to be script packages unless explicitly configured to be another package type (LIBFOO_TYPE). If a developer wishes to explicitly configure a project as script-based, the following configuration can be used:

LIBFOO_TYPE = 'script'

A script package has the ability to define three Python stage scripts:

  • <package>-configure - script to invoke during the configuration stage

  • <package>-build - script to invoke during the build stage

  • <package>-install - script to invoke during the installation stage

For example, a libfoo package would have the following files for a script-based package:

└── my-releng-tool-project/
    ├── package/
    │   └── libfoo/
    │       └── libfoo
    │       └── libfoo-build
    │       └── libfoo-configure
    │       └── libfoo-install

An example build script (libfoo-build) can be as follows:


When a package performs a configuration, build or installation stage; the respective script (mentioned above) will be invoked. Package scripts are optional. If a script is not provided for a stage, the stage will be skipped.

See also script helpers for helper functions and variables available for use, as well as bootstrapping or post-processing for more stage script support.