Release notes

The following provides the notable features, bug fixes and more for each release of releng-tool. For a complete list of detailed changes to releng-tool, please see the project's repository commits.



1.2 (2024-07-01)

  • Introduce the punch action to support forced rebuild of packages

  • Support automatic package preparation for compatible local-sourced packages

  • Update SPDX license database to v3.24

1.1 (2024-03-29)

  • Prevent SSH authentication prompts that may occur when using Git

  • Support SPDX license identifier field for custom licenses

  • Support environment output directory override (RELENG_OUTPUT_DIR)

  • Support global output containers (RELENG_GLOBAL_OUTPUT_CONTAINER_DIR)

  • Update SPDX license database to v3.23

1.0 (2023-12-22)

  • Introduce RELENG_SCRIPT and RELENG_SCRIPT_DIR variables

  • Update SPDX license database to v3.22

0.17 (2023-08-06)

  • Fixed issue with CMake-generated export targets missing prefix overrides

  • Fixed issue with local-source configurations when provided relative paths

  • Introduce LIBFOO_CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to override CMake build types

  • Introduce LIBFOO_ENV to apply environment variables on multiple stages

  • Introduce state action for dumping configured releng-tool state

  • Introduce support for Perforce sites

  • Support Git repository interaction in output directories for Git-based sources

  • Support ability to unconfigure development/local-sources mode

  • Support the existence of a NO_COLOR environment variable

  • Update SPDX license database to v3.21

0.16 (2023-05-07)

  • Enforce strict hash checking in development mode for external packages which define a development revision

  • Fixed issue where releng_copy may fail when provided a single part relative destination

  • Fixed issue where HTML-based software build of materials would be empty

  • Introduce support for Meson-based packages

  • Prevent processing packages when SBOM generation is explicitly requested

  • Support SPDX-tailored software build of materials

  • Support module-specific local-sources to accept : instead of @, allowing certain shells to take advantage of path auto-completion

0.15 (2023-02-12)

  • CMake install events will now always skip dependency checks

  • Fixed issue where extension loading may cause issues in Python 2.7

  • Fixed issue where reconfiguration may not flag rebuild flags (and related)

  • Fixed issue where statistics (PDF) may fail on legacy matplotlib environments

  • Improve support for patching a root build directory and sub-directories

  • Introduce extension support for event listeners

  • Make projects will now be provided a PREFIX override

  • Source distribution now includes completion scripts and tests

  • Support setting software build of materials format in project configuration

0.14 (2023-02-05)

  • (note) The deprecated releng namespace has been removed

  • CMake install events will now always force installs by default

  • Fixed issue where CMake projects with implicit target area installs have issues finding includes/libraries with find_<x> calls

  • Fixed issue where libfoo-exec action with an = character would crash

  • Introduce *_BIN_DIR environment/script variables

  • Introduce releng_move_into helper script function

  • Local VCS-type packages should now place sources inside a local folder

  • Promote the use of SPDX license identifiers in package license options

  • Support .releng extensions for scripts

  • Support automatic include injection for CMake staging/target/host areas

  • Support for Poetry Python setup type

  • Support generating a software build of materials

  • Support treating releng-tool warnings as errors with --werror argument

  • Support user paths in package-specific local-sources overrides

0.13 (2022-08-10)

  • Avoid interaction with target area when using CMake projects that only uses the staging area

  • Downloaded files will now be stored in sub-directories under dl/

  • Ensure clean-related environment/script variables are set for package-specific clean requests

  • Fixed a rare chance that an explicit package run provided via command line may be ignored

  • Fixed issue in older Python interpreters where the executed package order may not be consistent

  • Fixed issue where select package-specific environment variables may leak into other packages

  • Improve handling of file:// sites in Windows

  • Improve support for host-built Python packages

  • Introduce LIBFOO_HOST_PROVIDES to help skip prerequisite checks

  • Introduce PKG_DEVMODE environment/script variable

  • Introduce RELENG_TARGET_PKG environment/script variable

  • Introduce releng_copy_into helper script function

  • Introduce support for Python setup types

  • Introduce support for SCons-based packages

  • Introduce support for development mode configurations, allowing users to target specific revisions or sites for packages supporting alternative source revisions

  • Introduce support for global and package-specific path overrides when operating in local-sources mode

  • Introduce support for make-based packages

  • Support PKG_DEFDIR usage inside a package's definition

  • Support Bazaar quirk to utilize certifi certificates

  • Support users overriding a project's configuration path from command line

0.12 (2022-05-02)

  • Adding dst_dir to releng_copy for explicit copies to directories

  • Adjust automatic job detection to use physical cores instead of logical cores

  • Fixed an issue where forced Git-fetches with branch revisions may have stale content on first extract

  • Fixed where package-specific prefixes/njobs would leak to other projects

  • Introduce *_[INCLUDE,LIB]_DIR environment/script variables

  • Introduce PKG_BUILD_BASE_DIR environment/script variable

  • Introduce PREFIXED_*_DIR environment/script variables

  • Introduce libfoo-exec action

  • Introduce releng_include helper script function

  • Support Make-styled environment injections via command line

  • Support package variable overrides via command line

0.11 (2022-02-26)

  • Always pre-create install directory before package install scripts are invoked

  • Fixed an issue where nested zip files could not extract

  • Introduce releng_cat helper script function

  • Introduce releng_ls helper script function

  • Introduce releng_require_version helper script function

  • No longer extract with non-local-supported tar command if host format detected

  • No longer warn if hash file is empty for extracted contents check

  • Support removing cached assets through a forced fetch argument

  • Support triggering a reconfiguration of all packages through a force argument

0.10 (2021-12-31)

  • Fixed an issue where a configured sysroot_prefix bin path would not be registered in the script environment's path

  • Fixed an issue where releng_mkdir reports success if the target path is a file that already exists

  • Fixed an issue where extensions may not load on Python 2.7

  • Fixed an issue where post-processing may be invoked even if a package's stage would fail

  • Introduce <PKG_NAME>_DEFDIR environment/script variable

  • Introduce LIBFOO_CMAKE_NOINSTALL for CMake packages with no install rule

  • Introduce support for rsync sites

  • Provide an option to suppress root warning (for zero-uid containers)

  • Remove the requirement to have a package version entry

  • Support configuring cache/download directories using environment variables

  • Support custom SSL context overrides via urlopen_context

  • Support providing an assets container directory (for cache/download folders)

0.9 (2021-10-02)

  • Fixed an import issue when running with Python 3.10

  • Fixed an issue where a cyclic package check provided a bad message

  • Fixed an issue where a Git submodule with a target branch may fail to extract

  • Post-processing script renamed to releng-post-build

  • Support development mode relaxed branch fetching for Git sites

  • Support requiring a Git source's revision to be GnuPG-signed (GPG)

  • Support using ASCII-armor (asc) files to package integrity checks

0.8 (2021-08-28)

  • Allow DVCS packages to share caches (to minimize space/time fetching)

  • Fixed an issue where tools/releng_execute requests would fail on Python 2.7 with Unicode-defined environment variables

  • Fixed an issue where a diverged revision in Git would incorrectly populate a package's build directory with the cached revision instead of the remote revision

  • Introduce LIBFOO_GIT_SUBMODULES for package Git-specific configurations

  • Introduce releng_execute_rv helper script function

  • Introduce statistic tracking (stage durations) which generate to into the output folder after execution

  • Introduce support for package-specific distclean

  • Introduce support for package-specific license processing

  • Package-specific extraction/patching no longer requires dependency processing

  • Rework LIBTOOL_GIT_REFSPECS to provide more control over custom revisions that can be fixed (i.e. no longer fixed on <target>/*/head; instead, a configured value-wildcard string should be used)

  • Support auto-detecting Python interpreter path overrides in windows

  • Support faster Git fetching

  • Support pruning any remote-tracked references in a Git-cached project when a forced fetch request is made

0.7 (2021-08-08)

  • Fetch from an already cached package's site if the fetch is explicitly requested

  • Fixed an issue with registry failing to import on Python 2.7

  • Fixed issue where build/install definitions where not used in in their respective stages

  • Fixed issue where mercurial packages fetched using the version option instead of the revision option

  • Fixed issue where the host directory was not registered in a stage's path

  • Introduce clean, logging flags and releng-version into the script environments

  • Only fetch a single package if only said package is requested to be fetched

  • Package without a site will throw an error when VCS-type is set

  • Reconfigure/rebuild requests will now perform all trailing stages for the package(s) being redone; rebuild/reconfigure-only actions have been introduced to force re-invoking a specific stage

  • Support loading remote package configuration

  • Support loading remote package scripts

  • releng-tool will now full stop if external package definition fails to load

0.6 (2020-10-10)

  • Always register optional flags inside scripts (allowing developers to use flags like RELENG_RECONFIGURE without needing to check environment variables)

  • Fixed issued when capturing with releng_execute which did not suppress output by default

  • Introduce LIBTOOL_GIT_CONFIG for package git-specific configurations

  • Introduce a releng-tool init action for a quick-sample project

  • Introduce support for distclean

  • Introduce support for prerequisites

  • Namespace moved from releng to releng_tool (releng deprecated for an interim)

0.5 (2020-09-07)

  • Fixed false error when verifying cached Git reference

0.4 (2020-09-07)

  • Allow developers to fetch from addition Git refspecs (e.g. pull requests)

  • Allow setting quirks in command line

  • Fixed a scenario where a Git extraction stage could fetch sources

  • Fixed Git fetch/extraction if package is cached and site has changed

  • Improved handling of output files which may set the readonly attribute

  • Introduce support for local interim-development package content

  • Introduce support for shallow Git fetching

0.3 (2019-10-19)

  • Allow packages to configure to ignore cache while in development mode

  • Allow packages to configure for no-extraction for sources

  • Fixed default interpreter detection for Python packages

  • Fixed fetching from Mercurial sources

  • Fixed fetching from newer Git hashes if repository was already cached

  • Introduce releng_env and releng_mkdir helper script functions

  • Introduce support for package-specific bootstrapping stage

0.2 (2019-03-15)

  • A project's host directory will now be registered in the system's path during execution

  • Allow tracking project's license files when found in multiple directories

  • Fixed loading configuration overrides script if one actually exists

  • Re-work various script names (e.g. -> releng)

0.1 (2019-02-24)

  • Hello world